Car plunges from 2nd story of Pottstown parking garage

A wild crash in Montgomery County. A car--carrying a woman and child--flew from the second floor of a parking garage. Fortunately, they are both OK.

First you see debris and bricks in a cloud of dust come crashing down. Then a car plunges front first into the ground. It's incredible surveillance video from a camera in the alleyway behind King Street Commons apartments in Pottstown.

"I heard a loud bang, the building shook a little bit and shortly after the fire alarm went off and I really didn't know what was going on," said Justin Cox. He lives in the building and does maintenance there. It was his second day on the job when it happened. A day later he still can't believe it.

"You see the debris flying out and then the car coming down landing on its nose and then flipping completely over," he said. Residents say a woman who lives in the apartments was behind the wheel of the car on the second floor of the parking garage when it happened around 7:30 last night.

"My initial reaction was just like she had to be going pretty fast to do that amount of damage and go through that wall because it's not easy to go through that wall," said Cox.

Pictures taken by residents who rushed out to see what happened shows the aftermath.

People helped get the woman out as paramedics arrived on scene. They say she had at least one small child in the car with her.

"Her baby was with her but I know she had a 5-year old girl that had been seen following her out of the garage doors," said Cox. Pottstown Police say they're still investigating what caused the driver to go over through the wall. Cox says it's hard to believe but it appears the woman only suffered minor injuries.

"She's going to feel it tomorrow," he said.