Car Stolen From Frankford 7/11 With Six-Year-Old Inside

A man stole a running car from a Frankford 7/11 parking lot early Tuesday morning with a sleeping 6-year-old boy still inside. The boy, however, was later found safely.

The incident occurred at the 7/11 located at Oxford Avenue and Bridge Street around 2:25 a.m.

According to FOX 29's Dave Kinchen, the owner of the vehicle - a 2004 gold Honda Civic -drove up to the 7/11 to make a quick stop in.

He left his sleeping 6-year-old stepson in the car.

Just as the owner runs in the store, a man, described as a Hispanic male in his 20s wearing a grey hoodie, got in the car and took off.

The authorities are immediately alerted and Philadelphia Police quickly coordinated and got officers on the move with a specific description of the car. The Philadelphia Police Chopper was also dispatched.

Pennsylvania State Police put an Amber Alert in motion as well.

The search continued for about 30 minutes, alarming authorities because carjackers typically drop children off while fleeing, but the child in this case was still missing.

However, the car was found about a mile away on Leiper Street with the boy in it, still sleeping. The suspect was long gone.

The boy was reunited with the stepfather at the 7/11 and given a donut after the ordeal He slept through the entire incident, police said.

Police are reviewing surveillance videos from the 7/11 and also dusting the owner's car for fingerprints and DNA.