Carson Wentz leaves generous tip at North Dakota bar

Home in North Dakota during his week off from football, Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz did what any other 23-year-old Midwestern guy would do on his days off. He bagged a deer during a family hunting trip and hit the his favorite hometown Bar Herd and Horns in downtown Fargo, North Dakota.

"He just wanted to hang out shoot some pool and play some darts with his buddies and just relax and have a good time," said Jesse Vitagliano

Talking to us on FaceTime from North Dakota, Brent Tehven is friends with Carson Wentz and owns the bar he's has been coming to since his days at North Dakota State.

But in his first week home as a NFL star not only did Wentz pick up the $1,000 tab for his buddies according to the waitstaff we spoke with he also threw down an eye-popping $500.

"When you look out for good people blessing come back to you Carson is a good person," said South Philly resident Jamal Munson.

"A very humble and just giving back to those who aren't making as much money or fortunate as he is with his good given talent," said Eagles Season ticket holder Jesse Vitagliano.

Those who know him say the blue collar guy who likes to fly under the radar appreciates what he has and where he came from.

Apparently Fargo is now the Philly of the Midwest since everyone in town owns a number 11 jersey and all of the sudden cheesesteaks are showing up on restaurant menus statewide.