Caught on Camera: Armed suspect carjacks mom, teen daughter outside Philadelphia home

Authorities are investigating an early morning carjacking of a Philadelphia mother and her teenage daughter that was captured on video that was later posted to social media. 

Investigators say the pair were leaving their home on the 8900 block of Maxwell Place around 6 a.m. Monday morning when they were ambushed by an armed carjacker.

"It appears he was laying in wait," Captain John Ryan told FOX 29's Dawn Timmeny. "He rode a bicycle up there, left the bicycle behind, we have that."

The disturbing video of the carjacking posted Instagram shows the mother pleading with the suspect as he threatens her and her daughter with a gun.


"No one was injured, they were just obviously stressed and afraid for their lives," Ryan said. 

The suspect took the woman's purse and drove off in the family's Hyundai Santa Fe, according to police. Despite the crime, Ryan said it's the exact outcome authorities hope for in these situations.

"Our recommendation is always not to resist, and not get yourselves hurt in these situations," Ryan said. "It's not worth you being injured or hurt worse than that."