Caught on Camera: Group of kids trash Center City condo building lobby

A group of kids were caught on surveillance video trashing a Center City condo building lobby.

The video shows a pack of young thieves slipping in through the front door of a condominium complex near 18th and Chestnut Streets in Center City. They head straight for a pile of packages, rummaging through, throwing to the ground and even stealing at the last second, according to the video.

It happened Tuesday around 4:30 p.m.

One resident--who didn't want to be identified--shared the building's surveillance video with FOX 29. She also shared it with police and local schools in hopes of finding these kids who appear to be middle-schoolers.

Police tell FOX 29 they're already investigating another similar theft that happened Saturday afternoon at an apartment complex near 12th and Walnut Streets.

Sources say a resident who was leaving the building held the door open for a group of kids eager to get inside. Police say the bold crew strolled into a common area where they stole two Apple desktop computers and took off.