Caught on Camera: Group trashes property at Yardley business

A Yardley business owner is outraged after a group was caught on camera trashing his property.

FOX 29's Jennifer Joyce spoke with the business owner.

It's after midnight and a crew stumbling down Main Street in Yardley last weekend clearly haven't had their fill of fun yet so what did they do? They crashed into bushes--not once--but 4 separate times.

It wasn't funny to the property owner Elie Dreyfus of Dreyfus Opticians. He had to pick up the pieces when he arrived to work Monday morning.

"I pulled into the driveway, the bushes were absolutely crushed it was very disheartening," he told FOX 29. "A nuisance crime of blatant disrespect for a neighbor's property."

Dreyfus says he works day-in and day-out to restore and maintain his historic property built in 1794.

After stewing for a few days, he decided to go to the police.