Caught on Camera: iPad Snatched from 4-Year-Old Boy

TAMARAC, FL--A cruel crime was caught on camera at a Florida hair salon. Police say a male suspect ripped an iPad out of the hands of a 4-year-old boy in what people are now calling a heartless heist.

"It's a little bit sad. Who would take an iPad from a 4-year-old?" asked the victim's friend Andreas Garcia.

It's a good question and one the Broward Sheriff's Office hopes you can help answer. Who'd grab an iPad from 4-year-old Alejandro watching cartoons? It happened inside a salon in Tamarac, Florida, last Friday. The boy's mother works at the salon. He sometimes sits in front watching his shows.

"He was watching his videos, SpongeBob or Curious George," said Garcia.

He's quick to defend his younger friend and knows whoever did this is wrong.

It happened so fast, not even adults could react in time. Grace Paleta's owned the salon for 12 years and was shocked by what she saw. Paleta says the suspect made a couple of passes back and forth in front of the salon, then gets a clear shot of a little boy with an iPad, he grabs it, and he's out of here. This incident left little Alejandro stunned and has many wondering who would do such a thing.