Caught on Camera: Man Chases Down Alleged Car Prowler, Drags Him By the Hair

Tacoma, WA--A man chased down an alleged car prowler and dragged him back to police by his hair. The video was caught on a neighbor's surveillance camera.

You can see the would-be burglar walking up to different parked cars--trying the handle on a few of them, and continuing on up the block.

Adam Ingram says he spotted the suspect, Alex Leeper, peeking inside his car. Ingram came out of his house and approached Leeper, who took off running, according to the video. The footage catches Ingram chasing after the suspect. Then a few minutes later, the video shows Ingram walking back, dragging Leeper by his ponytail.

another neighbor called police when they saw the chase, and officers quickly arrived on the scene.

People in that Tacoma community say there's been a rash of car prowls, and have seen Leeper on their street before. Leeper was cited and is due in court next week.

Courtesy: 'The Tacompton Files'