Caught on Camera: Man puts money down pants during robbery at Fila outlet store

Police say a man stuck cash down his pants during a robbery at the Fila outlet store in the Gloucester Premium Outlets Mall.

Surveillance video shows what looks to be a couple of men pretending to shop for sneakers in the Fila outlet store in Blackwood, New Jersey when one of them simply strolls through an open back door.

Police say he went to the safe in the corner that happened to be open. According to police, he started to upload the cash out of the safe into his pants . According to police, he got away with nearly $3,600

"Looks like one or two people were acting as lookouts," Gloucester Township Police Lt. Jason Gittens said.

Investigators say it was about five minutes from the time the man, another man and a woman with two children walked into the Fila store at the Gloucester Premium Outlets Mall.

"It seems very convenient the way it kinda came together. Obviously, knew the layout of the store and for the safe to be open so there are some of the questions we have as well," Lt. Gittens said.

So far, there are no leads as to who any of the three people in question are or if anyone noticed the man walking out with his pants full of cash.

According to police, the two employees working the store that Saturday night two weeks ago were busy checking out customers in the front.

Lt. Gittens says detectives are looking at current and former staff for a possible connection.

"It's readily apparent to me he knows his way around the store--where he's going," he said.

If you have any information, please call the GTPD Anonymous Tip Line at 856-842-5560.