Caught on Camera: Woman steals Halloween decorations in Exeter Township

Something spooky is happening in a Berks County community. Ghosts, skeletons and tombstones--gone. Police say someone's swiping Halloween decorations right off lawns and front porches.

Paedrick Holohan holds up what's left of his Halloween decorations much of the rest spirited away police say not by a ghost or goblin but by a woman. She was caught on motion detecting surveillance cameras creeping onto Perdick's Exeter township front lawn Monday around 9 p.m. at night.

Police say there's been a rash of stolen skeletons, ghosts and tombstones over the last several days. Holohan counts up to 4 in his neighborhood and says his fifth grader has been left haunted.

"It's more than the stuff that you took. You took the security of my daughter and my kids. The feeling we have in our house," he said.

As you can imagine the thefts have left the neighbor's festive cheer a bit deflated.

If you recognize the woman on that surveillance video, please call Exeter Township police. They want to hear from you. Neighbors are hoping that whoever is doing this is caught so they can enjoy the rest of the holiday season.