CES 2018 Automotive Tech: Now You Can "See Through" Cars

With cones around a parking lot, it looks like a course to learn how to drive. But the man in the driver's seat has his eyes focused on his phone. Even both of Simon's hands are glued to it.... as the wheel continues to move itself. "I'm feeling good. I know I can trust the car, " Simon tells us. It's a course showing how we'll soon unlearn everything we ever knew about driving.

"By moving toward autonomy it will take away the risk of driving in a distracted mode, it will let you do things for the driver, better for the driver, faster for the driver." James Schwyn with Valeo, the tech company that supplies many big car brands, says at this year's CES, we're even closer to getting autonomous cars on the market one day. James says that, "what you would notice is probably a more smooth functioning. Maybe less start and stopping more smooth maneuvering."

But the company's biggest unveiling is a little Vegas magic! Valeo exclusively took FOX 11 on a ride: showing us technology that can make the car in front of yours disappear.

The company says its safer than pulling out in the next lane and seeing if it's safe to move past. So when is this technology going to be available? The company says at least 5 years. Until now, it's pretty fun to look at. Or not.