Chaos Erupts When Dog Attacks Woman in Front of Police

KENOSHA, WI- Dashcam footage captured the frightening moments of a brutal dog attack in Wisconsin.

The incident occurred back on August 19 th when officers were responding to a call of a dog attack. Neighbors met with police and told them the dog had gotten loose and bit a woman on the leg earlier that day.

The video shows officers attempting to coax the English bulldog, named Tank, into a patrol car, when the dogs gets loose and attacks and officer and then another woman.

That's when one of the officers drew a taser in an attempt to subdue the dog. However, the taser missed, and struck the woman who was being attacked.

An officer then moved onto lethal force, firing one shot on the attacking dog. The bullet also struck the woman. A few seconds later officers fire more rounds, killing the dog.

The woman's injuries were not life threatening.

Records show that this was not Tank's first attack, as he had apparently bitten a 6 th grader earlier this year.