Charlotte Pastor Packs Heat in the Pulpit

CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY)- Pastor Brenda Stevenson believes there should be a place in her pulpit for a firearm. The pastor at the New Outreach Christian Center in Charlotte is planning to pack a pistol while she preaches.

"I got the case, the shells, the cleaner, everything. They'll think it's my black bible case," she said.

Stevenson got the idea three years ago after the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, but she was moved to take action after nine worshipers were gunned down during bible study inside the Emanuel AME church in Charleston, SC.

"To protect your congregation and yourself you've got to do in the name of the Lord what you've got to do," said Stevenson.

Next week Pastor Stevenson will take a concealed weapons class. She already has her handgun picked out. It's on layaway.

"The Lord told us to fear no evil," she said. "And the only way right now at a certain point where we're not going to fear is we're going to have to get these trained classes and some protection."

She prays she will never have to use the weapon, but says she'll be ready if the time comes.

Stevenson says she has the full support of her congregation.