Cheaper airline tickets for summer travel season: some tips

(FOX News) - Summer travel season is right around the corner, but for a lot of travelers, one of the biggest headaches can be finding the best deals and cheapest tickets for flights.

To avoid hefty airline prices, technology expert Kurt Knutsson suggests using the website, which allows users to register flight tickets that have already been purchased. If the ticket prices drop, the website - which is free - will try to find a loophole to negotiate a cheaper price or rebook you without penalties.

While airlines themselves allow customers to change their tickets after purchasing them, Knutsson said doing so almost never adds up financially.

"They never like it when we circumvent the rules," Knutsson told Dagen McDowell during an interview on FOX Business. "They'll just make it tougher and tougher as we go along. But what critics have said about this one is that this site, if it really did catch on, would cause fares to go up."

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