Cherry Hill students hope to get answers about beloved teacher on suspension

As students at Cherry Hill High School East prepare to join in the 'National Walkout' of class movement Wednesday --some of them attended Tuesday night's Cherry Hill School Board meeting to see if a beloved teacher on suspension will return after making concerning comments about the Parkland school massacre.

"It's just taken way too long for us to have an answer because Mr. Locke was the greatest teacher in that school," Jake Ober said.

Ober sat and listened as Cherry Hill education leaders talked about everything but his AP History teacher Timothy Locke reportedly suspended after saying a massacre like the one in Florida could happen in Cherry Hill.

"He was saying that if we didn't improve school security that something could happen and inevitably would happen if we did not take security matters," Ober said.

National organizers set up the March 14th walkout on the 1 month anniversary of the Parkland Florida high school massacre.

"But also we're saying that we're doing that for Mr. Locke as well because we want him back. He was really the person who started this, who sparked this movement, the first walkout a few weeks ago," Ober said.

Cherry Hill officials pledged action on safety concerns and Locke's status...but after another meeting...students and parents wait....unsure what the future holds.