Ukrainian man, living in Chester County, hails new aid package; wishes it was already approved

The White House proposes a massive aid package for Ukraine. President Biden is pushing Congress to approve $33 billion in aid, which would go toward keeping the Ukrainian military stocked with weapons and ammunition, as well as supplemental funding for critical security, economic and humanitarian assistance.

A Chester County man, born in Ukraine, is welcoming the billions of dollars in support the President wants to provide his home country. His only wish is that it came sooner.

Kostyantyn Peredery, of Chester Springs, moved to the United States several years ago with his young family. To support the war effort, he’s shipped generators, food and clothing through Romania to the Ukraine. He’s also posted news of the war on social media.


Peredery told Fox 29’s Jeff Cole he knows of fighters who’ve been killed in the battle including a college friend. He said he lives with guilt and "blames himself for not having any military experience and not being part of the action."

Peredery believes the $33 billion the President is requesting of Congress will help battle what he calls the Russian bully.

He said, "You can not let the bully keep on bullying everyone the way the bully wants. Because how do you stop the bully? You have to draw the hard line."

"Has the West been too timid and too slow to help your home country," FOX 29’s Jeff Cole asks.

"I think so, given the atrocities. Given the horror we’ve seen. In my opinion, there’s been unnecessary debate," Peredery replied.