Chester County man thankful to be alive after suffering massive heart attack

A Chester County man is thankful to be alive after he says he was brought back from the dead after suffering a massive heart attack.

Lawrence Hilton, Jr. was driving his wife Betty to work just after dark, late on the afternoon of Dec. 26, 2018 along Route 82 near Buck Run Road.

“While I’m at the stop sign, I remember looking up and seeing the church and I started to pull out and just as I started out to pull out I went black. I was out," he told FOX 29.

Hilton had suffered a massive heart attack. He sideswiped another vehicle and crashed on an embankment near that church parking lot. A passerby called 911 and Betty called their son and daughter-in-law.

Hilton’s daughter-in-law, a registered nurse, sprang into action. She performed CPR while EMTs and local police rushed to the scene. Later, at the hospital, Hilton underwent quadruple bypass surgery. He says it's a miracle he survived. 

A year later, Lawrence is back to his old self with a healthier diet. 

“It’s my second chance on life," he said.


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