Chester County teen who survived being electrocuted receives life-changing home upgrade

A life changing home upgrade for a local teenager who has been through so much. Austin Beltrante survived a near electrocution, and Wednesday, his life was made just a bit cooler.

"You look at a kid who’s not going to make an excuse," dad John Beltrante said. "You say to yourself things ain’t so bad, because I can, at least, get up and do everything I need to do.

Austin’s comeback has inspired his community.

Austin Beltrante

Sila Heating and Air Conditioning has been working on installing a $60,000 game changing air conditioning system that arrived just in time for the heat.

"I’m happy with it, ya know? I’m always hot," Austin said. "I have the fan on with the air condition, so it’s freezing in my room. My dog Chase doesn't enjoy it, but I do."

Austin is, unfortunately, prone to overheating because his body can longer produce sweat or regulate its temperature so having a whole-home AC unit makes it a lot more comfortable for him to hangout in the house.

Jason Rabino, the CEO of Sila, said helping families like the Beltrante’s is the best part of his job.

"The idea of really helping Austin and his family out, you know, we need to control the temperature in the house and make it comfortable for him. Let him get out of the one room he spends most of his time in. It was a perfect way to do our customer service in a way that really impacts a particular family," Rabino explained.

Austin Beltrante

On a hot day outside Kona Ice helped to keep the family cool with sweet treats and now the Sila family joins Austin’s Army as he defies the odds every day.

"For Austin every day is just improvement and working on himself and getting better at things that he does and just being a regular kid," John said.