Chester man claims he was unlawfully arrested on his business property

A man claims he was unlawfully arrested by Chester police on the property of his business.

“They was just asking nasty, rude and gripped me up and threw me on the ground and tased me twice," 29-year-old Monte Singleton said.

A viral video shows the night Singleton was arrested on his own business property by Chester police officers. 

“If you asked me I think the sergeant was mad that he seen a young black male with his own business. You know what I mean? Once I told him that this is my business is it a problem? He got mad," Singleton explained.

Singleton has since been charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He spent 18 hours in jail. According to Singleton, Chester police were at the nearby Sunoco and said they were checking out a suspicious vehicle in Singleton's automotive shop that was running that's when Singleton says he approached the officer and asked what's going on.

“He pulled out of the Sunoco and pulled into my gate right over there and everything else is on the video. He gripped me up. Well, first he got in my face, he was yelling at me, he grabbed me, and he disrespected me in front of my daughter," Singleton explained.

FOX 29 made multiple phone calls to the Delaware County District Attorney and even walked into the building to hear why Singleton was arrested and charged. As of this report, Assistant DA Diane Edbril declined to provide a response from their office.

In the video, you can see officers shine their flashlights into any camera recording what's happening and Singleton says this was on purpose.

“To block out what they were doing so they don’t get it on camera. You know what I mean so they can get away with what they wanted to do to me," Singleton said.

His lawyer is confident about what comes next.

“From what we’ve seen in the video and the story and the police report there’s no substance to this case what we want is what’s ultimately going to happen. These charges will be dropped," attorney Cowanis Duckett Jr. said.


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