Chicago's top cop says rapper killed outside Cook County Jail should've never been released

Chicago's top cop says 59 gun shell casings were found after the fatal shooting of a rapper outside the Cook County Jail over the weekend.

Police Superintendent David Brown is using the rapper's case as a reason to push for keeping violent offenders in jail.


The superintendent on Tuesday displayed shock and dismay at the fact that 31-year-old Londre Sylvester – who he says was a violent repeat offender – was able to bail out. The rapper, who goes by the stage name KTS Dre, was going to be on electronic monitoring. But the superintendent says that is not enough.

Sylvester was released from jail Saturday night and targeted by shooters right outside the jail. Police say there were 59 shell casings on scene and two women were also wounded – though not seriously injured.

The Chicago rapper was released after his fiancé posted his $1,000 bail with the condition he would be on lecturing monitoring – again. He was in jail for violating his bond, following several weapons and assault and habitual criminal charges.

"All these prior arrests, these serious felonies, these very violent crimes didn't keep him in jail. And it created an unsafe environment for others to put him on electronic monitoring," Supt. Brown said.

There are 3,500 people on electronic monitoring currently in Cook County. So who decides who is on electronic monitoring? A source tells FOX 32 it is up to the prosecutor to recommend a bond or electronic monitoring, and it is the judge who ultimately decides.