Chick-fil-A cashier saves customer's forgotten change for weeks

(FOX NEWS) - A Chick-fil-A cashier in Lubbock, Texas, is being lauded for his act of kindness that took nearly a month to complete.

Marcus Henderson, a cashier at the fast food chain, took customer Danny Cadra's order at the drive-thru window. After Cadra received his food, he left, forgetting his $3 in change behind.

Instead of simply putting the money back in the register, Henderson, who said Cadra was a regular, put the money aside.

"I'm supposed to keep this and give it back to him. I knew he was a regular, I was going to see him again eventually," Henderson said to KLBK.

For the weeks that followed, Henderson brought the money in an envelope to work daily.

"It was basically a part of my uniform. It was my name tag, my hat, my apron and I just put it in my back pocket, just in case today might be the day where I see him," Henderson told KLBK.

Henderson's persistence eventually paid off when the customer in question returned to Chik-fil-A. Cadra was completely caught off-guard.

"[Henderson] says, 'Awhile back, you left your change here,' and I'm like, 'My change, what do you mean?' and he said, 'You drove off without your change,' and I said, 'Are you serious man?'" Cadra told KLBK. "I look in there, and there's the change."

Though the amount wasn't much, the gesture was greatly appreciated.

"It was like $3 and some change, and I never would have missed it," said Cadra.

"What a breath of fresh air," Cadra added. "It meant that much to him, so it meant even that much more to me."

Henderson said he felt returning the change was just part of the job.

"I'm called to serve these people well, not only because of my job but who I am. This has pushed me to act in ways where I wouldn't naturally," Henderson said.

The sweet gesture doesn't stop there - Cadra and Henderson have since become friends and plan to meet up at a Chick-fil-A soon, KLBK reports.