Child Pens Letter Asking About the Relationship Between the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy

(STORYFUL) - Young children writing adorable letters is nothing new, such as a little girl's hilarious rebuff to a boy's question in January.

Over the Easter weekend, an eight-year-old child from Ireland penned a charming letter to the Easter Bunny.

In the form of a questionnaire, the curious girl asked the Easter Bunny its full name, its short name and perhaps the most pressing question of them all – if the bunny and the Tooth Fairy have had any babies together.

The girl's amused father, Paul Duane, posted the letter to Twitter, where it received a great response and probably got many minds racing over the relationship between the bunny and the tooth fairy.

It turns out that the Easter Bunny's real name is Harvey but as for his relations with the tooth fairy, it still remains to be seen.