CHOP doctors, mother in battle over fate of son

Doctors at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia have declared him brain dead, but his mom is still fighting for his life. The family may have a new option for the boy's care and treatment, but they're going to need help to make that happen.

The court battle is just beginning and it could decide the fate of the 14-year-old boy.

Doctors at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia will be back in court Monday and the judge in the trial will have to decide who determines the boy's fate. The question to be answered - is it the boy's mother, who wants to keep him on life support? Or is it CHOP doctors who say the boy is brain dead?

CHOP doctors say they would like to remove the young teen from life support. His mother says her child is not brain dead.

The family may have another option in a hospital outside of the country. That hospital says it may be able to take the teen in and perform a tracheotomy so he can be taken off a ventilator and returned home with a feeding tube.

The cost of the travel and surgery could top $100,00. That is money the mother says she doesn't have.

The boy was gravely injured when the family lost everything during a fire that burned down their New Jersey home.

The mother is hoping a local facility will take in her son. She says hope is not lost for her child.

"A friend of mine came and she felt him move his hand. He had to prove himself in the medical exam and he failed every time. If anybody can take Areen to their facility," mother Rumpa said.

She begged for a local facility to take her son in.

For anyone wishing to help with the cost of the hospital treatment outside the country, visit the SaveAreen GoFundMe page.