CHOP patients get red-carpet ready for annual prom

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) hosted its annual prom Wednesday, and it was quite the night to remember. 

From games and toys to red-carpet preparation, CHOP’s annual prom for all patients was a full-on glamorous affair, giving children facing illnesses a day of dress up and fun.

11-year-old Hannah Macdonald busted a move with her friends while wearing a beautiful gown before her prom debut. 

"How do you feel in your dress?’ FOX 29’s Shaynah Ferreiera asked. "I feel nice," Hannah responded.

Joy Macdonald, Hannah’s mom, got her glammed up for her red carpet walk and says this moment means so much. 

The family from Florida have been at CHOP since the end of January after the scare of a lifetime.

"She had a brain tumor removed. It’s called Medulloblastoma, it’s very rare," said Joy Macdonald.

However, one wouldn’t know, as Hannah is a star ready to shine bright!

"Hannah is a warrior, her resilience is amazing and what I’ve realized through this process is that children have a resilience I don’t even understand," said Hannah’s mom. 

That resilience extends to even the tiniest patients such as 6-month-old Grayson who is in the NICU.

"Grayson was born on December 3rd at 23 weeks and one day, pre-maturely. He currently has chronic lung disease which he is fighting daily," said Sarah Porter, Grayson’s mom. "He’s made it through a lot of things that many said he wasn’t going to so he is definitely a fighter.."

Grayson showed up and out with his tailored tux, hat, the shoes to match and a flower in hand, like the true little gentleman he is. 

"Grayson is CHOPs 2024 Prom King. Very exciting that they have this event going on and Grayson was excited to dress up for prom today." said Sarah Porter. "As a mom, this experience is very heartfelt and gave me something to look forward to for Grayson and making a lot of memories while he is in here because this is a very traumatic and trying time for us."

This prom is something special for these patients, especially for these families who get to see them smile and witness them have the chance to just be kids.

"Some of these patients haven’t smiled in days or weeks, their caregivers will tell us so this is a fun way to let them forget they’re in the hospital," said Kiersten Ferguson, Patient Events Coordinator, CHOP.