Chosen 300 host annual Memorial Day barbeque for those experiencing homelessness in Philly

As part of a Memorial Day tradition, one Philadelphia ministry is making sure homeless vets in the area are appreciated with a holiday feast.

On this holiday weekend, not everyone has a place to go for a cookout or barbecue, especially since one-fifth of the city’s homeless population are veterans. 

Lines formed outside of Chosen 300 on Spring Garden, an organization that brought homeless people, veterans together Monday in the city of brotherly love. 

"Memorial Day we celebrate those who fought and served the men and women who died for our country, but not all folks who died for our country. Some who got out of the service, some fell in hard times and are homeless; they don’t have access to the service they need to sustain themselves," said Brian Jenkins, Executive Director of Chosen 300. 

Chosen 300 ministries typically offers meals for the city’s homeless six days a week. 

On each Memorial Day, they plan a barbecue. This year, they cooked inside due to the stormy weather and volunteers served more than one hundred dinners, provided by Pagano's Market.

"We are here today to provide food and serve the people with the community. This special memorial day. We are thankful for the people who fought for us and show compassion and love," said Abouvacar Derra, Pagano’s Market

Those who track the homeless population in Philly say one in five are veterans. 

"A lot of them are veterans who have fought for our country, but have fallen on hard times," said Jenkins. 

Chosen 300 ministries provide more than 150,000 meals a year and they also offer job training programs, computer skills, expungement services. 

"We try to make sure we’re not just delivering and giving out a fish, we try to teach people to fish with a goal of self-sufficiency," said the executive director.

Those services require funding and donations, on Memorial Day and year round. The organization is also gearing up for its walk for homelessness event in two weeks. You can take part or make a pledge at the Chosen 300 website