'Chris and Roberta have done nothing wrong': Laundrie family lawyer says protesters should 'go home'

The search for Brian Laundrie may be over, but there are still many questions regarding his death and the death of his fiancée, Gabby Petito.

Some of her supporters are pointing blame at Laundrie's parents for staying silent. But now their family attorney is firing back.


Brian Laundrie's parents visited Carlton Reserve Wednesday when remains were discovered

The attorney for Brian Laundrie’s parents says Chris and Roberta Laundrie have done nothing wrong, that they deserve their privacy, and he warned everyone about jumping to conclusions.

Meanwhile, a memorial to Gabby grows in front of their North Port home, and protestors have been there for weeks. 

"If they haven’t gone home already, they should go home," attorney Steven Bertolino said. 

Brian Laundrie’s remains were found in a nearby swamp two days ago, ending the search for the fugitive, yet protesters remain at the Laundrie home.

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"This protesting. This witch hunt. This mob-style crucifixion of Chris and Roberta is just wrong. Enough is enough," Bertolino said. 

The protestors are upset over the Laundries’ perceived silence throughout the investigation, which investigators said made the search for Gabby more difficult.

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"I could care less about that attorney, what he feels and thinks about," protester Matt Marcus said. "That family has ignored phone calls. That girl used to live there. How do you do that?"

The Laundrie family reported Brian missing on September 17, five days after he left home, saying he was going on a hike.

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Bertolino shed more light on Brian’s state of mind before he left home:

"Brian was extremely upset when he said, ‘I’m leaving, I’m going for a hike.’ He packed his bag. His parents didn’t know what he put in the bag. It turned out later he left his wallet and cell phone. They knew he was extremely upset."

Bertolino says Chris Laundrie regrets letting his son go on that hike. He says the couple has done nothing wrong and they deserve privacy.

Bertolino says the family hopes to learn Brian’s cause of death soon.