Church sign vandalized in Wilmington, Del.

Wilmington, Del. (WTXF) A church in Wilmington, Delaware says someone put this hole in its sign, which read "Black Lives Matter." Someone apparently did not like that message and cut the word black right out.

One sign at First Unitarian Church in Wilmington calls it a welcoming congregation. A second says 'Standing on the Side of Love' but it's the third sign, Black Lives Matter that led to vandalism.

"Someone coming in the middle of the night and just vandalizing the banner, that doesn't accomplish anything. I don't know what they thought they would accomplish, since we've already put up another one and we will continue to advocate for Black Lives Matter," said Rev. Roberta Finkelstein.

It's not the first time a Black Lives Matter sign at a church has been vandalized so First Unitarian wasn't surprised at the opposition; however, they hoped the sign would spark discussion not destruction.

The church admits they received calls from opposition, who for obvious reasons were hesitant to go on camera, but the congregation is standing their ground.

Unfortunately, the surveillance camera wasn't functional at the time but they replaced the sign and police are investigating. They hope the next sign of opposition will be through dialogue and not through destroying their property.

"Come and talk to me, come tell us what motivated you to take such a dramatic action, and lets have a conversation," Rev. Roberta Finkelstein explained.