Church's "Jesus Had 2 Dads" Sign Sparks Controversy

BUFFALO, NY (WTXF)- A sign outside of a catholic church in Buffalo, New York caused quite a stir earlier this week, after many felt as though the sign was supportive of same-sex marriage.

Priest said the sign was to provide encouragement to many in the congregation who grow up outside a nuclear family, but...

A photo posted online by Catholic Family News, shows the sign with the message, "Jesus had 2 Dads and he turned out just fine."

In a phone interview with the Buffalo News, Reverend Roy T. Herberger says he received inspiration for the sign on-line after Googling 'funny church signs.'

Rev. Herberger went on to explain that same sex marriage was not the focal point of his message, insisting that he was providing encouragement several families in his congregation who grew up with stepparents.

Bishop Richard J. Malone of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo told the Catholic Family News that there are several children in the parish with both a father and a stepfather."

Due to the possibility of a misunderstanding, Malone said the sign was immediately removed.