City of Charlotte lifts curfew 'effective immediately'

Mayor Jennifer Roberts and Chairman of the Board County Commissioners Trevor M. Fuller announced Sunday that the City of Charlotte has lifted the curfew, "effective immedietly."

"Mayor Roberts continues to urge the community to come together and show their unity in a peaceful and legal manner," according to a statement from the city.


Mayor Roberts issued an addendum to the State of Emergency Proclamation issued on Wednesday, September 21.

Beginning Friday, September 23, a curfew will be imposed from midnight to 6:00 a.m. each evening until the end of the State of Emergency.

The following are exempt from the curfew:

How will the curfew be enforced?
A violation of the curfew restriction is a Class 2 misdemeanor and a violation of G.S. 14-288.20A.

Are schools, daycares etc. exempt from the curfew?
Travel for services necessary to sustain the well -being of citizens or their families are exempt from the curfew.

Are neighboring town subject to the curfew?
The curfew only applies within the corporate limits of the City of Charlotte.

How does the curfew impact visitors?
The curfew applies to visitors as well as citizens of Charlotte unless they fall under one of the exemptions.

How will the curfew impact commuters or travel to airport?
The curfew would not impact commuters or travel to the airport.

Does the curfew impact access to private streets?
No. The curfew only applies to public streets, alleys, or roadways or upon any public property, except by those in search of medical assistance, food or other commodity or service necessary to sustain the wellbeing or themselves or their families.

How will the curfew impact businesses such as restaurants and bars that are open after midnight?
The curfew restricts travel for non-exempt purposes within the City of Charlotte from midnight to 6 a.m. Patrons who leave establishments such as bars and restaurants will be impacted if they need to travel on the roadways during the curfew hours.

Are media outlets exempt from the curfew?
All media are an exception.

YMCA of Greater Charlotte on curfew below: