City to start inspections on properties owned by Granite Hill after fire

The spotlight is focusing on the company that owned the home on North 21st Street that burned down in North Philadelphia--killing four people.

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Marc Wilson's right foot was amputated in February of 2017. The 34-year-old is reliant on his wheelchair to move and says he lives in fear of a blaze in his one room apartment

"Do though think you could get out of here in the event of a fire?" FOX 29's Jeff Cole asked.

"No, they are supposed to widen the door to my apartment and the have not," Wilson said.

There's something else his landlord has not done--gotten a valid rental license, according to city records, 2532 North 22nd has an "inactive license". Yet--along with Wilson--FOX 29 found four others living upstairs including one woman who claims she's also disabled. Another person--a woman--was living in a back apartment.The building is owned by Granite Hill Properties and it's managing partner Tyrone Duren.

Duren keeps a P.O. Box in University City. A message left for him by phone was not returned for comment. Granite Hill also owns the North 21st. Street property building investigators say was being run as an illegal boarding house where 3 bodies were found days after a fire there was put out.

"We've identified 30 other properties in the City of Philadelphia owned by either Granite Hil , Tyrone Duren or others associative with him. We'll begin inspecting this week," Commissioner of Licenses and Inspections Dave Perri said.

FOX 29 knocked on doors Wednesday of properties owned by Granite Hill. One at 1628 North 28th alsodoes not have an active rental license, but a Granite Hill note is pasted on the door and a neighbor says it's a problem and unsafe.

"It's been a nightmare. It's a boarding house we've been call to complain to the city about the house," the neighbor said. "Do you think it's a dangerous place?" FOX 29's Jeff Cole asked. "Yes,someone is going to get hurt. Someone is going to get hurt in there," the neighbor said.