Mother, boyfriend arrested after days of severe beatings leave 6-year-old with broken bones, blood clots

A mother and her boyfriend have been charged with abusing a 6-year-old child who was hospitalized from the severe beatings, according to Clayton County Police.

Officials say the little boy is in critical condition, suffering from broken bones, blood clots in his lung and bleeding on the brain. At one point, they believe he fell unconscious.

FOX 5 Atlanta was the only crew present as officers took the mother, Porshe Wells, into custody.

Clayton County police say Wells' boyfriend, Napoleon Ates, accused the 6-year-old of stealing money over the weekend. They tell FOX 5 the boyfriend physically abused the child for days as his mother stood by and watched. At a point, police say the boyfriend told the mom to leave the room.

By Sunday, police say the boy fell unconscious, and the mom tried to give him an ice bath.

On Monday and Tuesday, police tell FOX 5 the mother went to work and got her nails and feet done while her child suffered at home. Eventually, she took him to an area hospital where police were notified.

Wells and Ates are now facing child abuse charges. The mom faces additional charges for lying to the police.