Cleanup under way after Philly's Super Bowl celebrations

Tens of thousands of people celebrated on the streets Sunday night after the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl win, but not everyone was well-behaved.

Early Monday afternoon just outside city hall, Streets Department workers were hosting pedestrian and traffic signals onto a new pole.

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8 poles and signals knocked down after the Eagles' win Sunday night. Across the street, plywood covers the broken windows and doors on the iconic Center City Macy's--prompting disgust.

Amid the joyous fans vandals perched on a bus shelter on Chestnut--using a pole to spear the window at Arts and Crafts retailer AC Moore.

"It was unnecessary. I know you happy and everything but you need to think before you act because that's costing people money," Jeanette McDougal, of West Philly, told FOX 29

How much money the city is still tallying, but from Mayfair to Center City and south there was destruction amid the enthusiastic but mostly well-behaved crowd. A car overturned, an awning collapsed, punches thrown, bottles tossed and even a pole climber in a lime green body suit.

And even though fireworks pierced the night sky, there were no raging fires or life-threatening injuries being reported at this hour.

For a city with Philly's gritty reputation, "not bad" says Allan Ash of Chestnut Hill, as he snapped a shot of the remains of a South Broad Street bus shelter.