Clip showing teenage students fighting in Allentown leads to injuries and investigation

Shocking video... Blowing up on social media.

More than a hundred teens fighting two blocks from school just minutes after William Allen High School let out yesterday afternoon...

The crowd turning on police officers as they try to intervene.

Laughter could be heard in the video as a female officer was pulled to the ground by her hair. The department says the policewoman was later punched in the face as she tried to arrest a young girl.

Junior Nyaleez Torres didn't see the fight.

But she saw the aftermath on social media and says she's embarrassed for her school.

"They're like really into it and they're recording it. It was even on snapchat. Kids were putting it everywhere," Torres said.

Four police officers were hurt, two with injuries serious enough to be treated and released at a hospital.

Investigators have arrested five teens charging them with felony counts of aggravated assault and rioting.

And there could be more -- the Allentown school district says it's working with police to identify more of the young adults in that video.

Parents like Melissa Drybola are shaken.

"My daughter's a good girl. That's all that matters. The school is trying to keep kids from getting into trouble," Drybola said.