Close friend of man shot, killed by off-duty Trenton officer speaks out

There are conflicting stories this morning after an off-duty Trenton police officer shot and killed a man Saturday night.

Investigators say the man-- 34-year-old Alfred Toe-- got into an argument with someone at a home in the 500 block of Roosevelt Street.

Police say he returned with a gun, and when his brother tried to diffuse the situation, he was accidentally shot in the hand.

An off-duty officer then stepped in. Some witnesses say he identified himself as an officer, and when Toe lunged at him, the officer fired, killing Toe.

But Toe's close friend insists the officer did not identify himself and Toe never reached for the gun.

Witness James Alpha said, "How will I know if you're an officer? You not identify yourself if you are a plainclothes officer, at least put your badge on top, so we can read. And at no point did you hear him identify himself. No."

He also says he saw the officer drinking beer earlier in the evening.

The officer, so far, has not been identified.