Coffee Shop Worker is Named Among the Dead After His Partner Was Told He'd Survived

(INSIDE EDITION) - A coffee shop worker has been named as one of the victims of the San Bernardino massacre after his partner initially thought he'd survived.

Daniel Kaufman, who worked in a coffee shop inside one of the Inland Regional Center buildings, was among the 14 people killed on Wednesday, according to reports.

His partner, Ryan Reyes, saw a post on Facebook saying that Kaufman, 42, had been shot in the arm but was OK. Reyes was unable to get through to his phone and went to the hospital to see him.

But hours later, he was still unable to find him.

"All we don't know is what hospital he is at. We know that he is okay," he said on Wednesday.

He later told INSIDE EDITION that his partner was still missing, saying: "We were given misinformation last night unfortunately."

It has since emerged that Daniel was killed.

Friend Sara York, an author, paid tribute to him on Facebook, saying: "Daniel spoke to me about books and told me he didn't like books with sad endings. I hope that Daniel had enough happy endings to brighten his life that was cut short way too soon. RIP Daniel. I pray for your family and boyfriend, that they can find some happiness in the future."

He was among 14 people who lost their lives when a couple burst into the center and opened fire. A further 21 people suffered injuries. The gunmen fled but later died during a shootout with police.

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