Community comes together to give elderly, schizophrenic man a makeover

An elderly man suffering from schizophrenia received a makeover by some kind members of his Peruvian community.

Chuman Don Luciano is 83-years-old.

According to Buzzfeed, he lives in the province of Ferrenafe, Peru. Locals there have fondly nicknamed him "Crazy Chuman."

Luciano suffers from schizophrenia and spends most of his time on the streets, despite having a home and a family.

His community loves him so much that they decided to give him a makeover.

Municipality spokeswoman Yesenia Abad Cross spoke to Buzzfeed Espanol saying that Luciano is an "icon" and the whole community supported his makeover.

"These humanitarian gestures must continue," Cross told Buzzfeed. "Sometimes we are a little indifferent, and forget that they are people like us and need our help."

Word spread of the kind gesture online and many congratulated Ferrenafe for the selfless act.

Cross also told Buzzfeed that the municipality's Facebook page has received many messages offering to afford Luciano with clothing and food.

Cross said to Buzzfeed, "The mayor wants this to continue here and in other provinces."