Community creates food/supply boxes to help residents in need

Community members in one Oklahoma town are joining forces to fight hunger through a simple common sense solution.

Community leaders in Muldrow creating a place to access food and supplies called blessing boxes in order to help residents in need.

"The first night that we put it up, I came back the next evening to check on it, and there were several items that were gone, and there were several new it was super super exciting because I knew somebody had been there, and I knew somebody had used it, and I knew somebody was giving back," Bayleigh Click said.

The boxes are filled with nonperishable items with contributions coming from the community and is accessible to anyone at any time.

Lori Freeman said, "What`s in the blessing box is non-perishable items or toiletry items. Anybody in the community that wants to put something in can put something in, and anybody that needs it, can take it out. "

With their community initiative, Bayleigh and Lori are hoping to inspire others to place their own blessing boxes.

"I feel like everybody at some point might need a little bit of help in their life. Like I said, I hope nobody is ashamed to use it. It`s a blessing, it`s here to take...take as much as you need," Bayleigh said.