Community Helps Family After Authorities Find Toddler Wandering in Love Park

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) A family's story is sweeping the Internet and bringing a community together after their toddler was found wandering around Love Park by SEPTA police over the weekend.

27-year old Angelique Roland and 54-year old Michael Jones left Philadelphia family court Tuesday afternoon without their two young children.

"I think they are disappointed and that's normal. That's normal," said Executive Director of Chosen 300 Ministries Brian Jenkins.

Their story is sweeping social media after 2- year-old Jeremiah was found wandering around Love Park just before midnight on Friday-- all alone. The family is homeless and was sleeping in cardboard boxes under the welcome center on the park's edge.

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"We was put out and we had no place to go. Shelter system told us to call back. Do the best you can and come back the next day," said father Michael Jones.

So Jones says in a YouTube video, taken by United Ummah of Philly, he had no choice for his family and that's when the 2-year-old slipped away.

"By Grace of god, somebody found him and seen him," he told FOX 29.

Little Jeremiah and his 4-year old sister have been in the care of DHS since Friday, but the community is coming together to help this family.

"To raise over $12,000 in 15 hours so that this family doesn't have to worry about rent or utilities for a year." People are calling in--what can we do," Jenkins explained.

FOX 29 has confirmed that the children's' mother, Angelique Roland, was allegedly involved in an incident with SEPTA police on October 4th and that SEPTA PD is requesting that the district attorney file charges against her. The court did order drug testing for both parents and mental evaluations.

"Our prayers are with the family and people have to realize this is a family coming out of homelessness. There's multiple challenges,' said Jenkins.

The parents were granted visitation, twice a week for 2 hours at a time.

"The court is just playing it safe to make sure this family that is prepared to receive these children back and one that they have a home, but also that the family structure is safe," Jenkins explained.

The children's mother is 7 months pregnant with their third child.The children's father says he is a carpenter, handyman, and since this incident he has had close to one hundred job offers. The family is staying at Marriott hotel this week and then they'll move into a home, paid for by the generosity of others.