Community members remember Air Force veteran killed by drunk driver

"This is where the accident occurred."

As soon as Reverend Walter Horton heard the news Saturday morning--a woman in a wheelchair struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver at the intersection of Mascher Street and Lehigh Avenue--the reverend knew it had to be the beloved Air Force veteran he and others had tried so often to help.

"She deserved a better way of life after serving this country."

Police say the 37 year old mother of two was struck by a 29 year old drunk driver who allegedly ran a red light just before 2 Saturday morning.

Authorities say the white Ford pickup truck fled the scene, striking an 18 year old woman as he sped away. The military vet died at Temple Hospital., the teenager is ok. The driver, from Glenolden is in police custody.

"Police say the driver ran a couple more red lights before he was stopped here at the corner of Kensington and Lehigh. You can see some front end damage to the truck."

The Air Force vet was in a wheelchair and people here say she often panhandled for money.

John is a limo driver and says for years he tried to help the fellow vet by driving her to the VA hospital.

"She got an honorable discharge."

Area contractor Hector Valentino wanted to help too. He gave the woman a free room to live in hoping she'd get back on her feet.

"Sweet person sweet with everybody just liked to play with the kids. Very generous person."

John, Hector and many others who visited the scene overwhelmed by the tragedy of a life they couldn't cut short.

"I just stood here and read my Bible. And asked God to bless her life bless her soul and bless her spirit."