Community outraged after hidden camera allegedly discovered at dentist

A South Jersey dentist is accused of putting a hidden camera in the restroom used by his female employees.

The blinds were down and the parking lot was empty at the dental offices of Robert Hofstetter off Ganttown Road in Washington Township Thursday after word spread that his employees reported finding a hidden camera in an employee bathroom there.

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"I was like oh my God, no," patient Diane Alexander told FOX 29 on Thursday.

"I just feel like my privacy is invaded if I was going there and going to the bathroom. I don't feel safe," Jenna Palmer, of Washington Township, said.

Diane Alexander says she and her husband have been patients at Dr. Hofstetter's office for the past two years. She was disgusted and stunned to hear about the alleged camera.

" My trust. I'm looking for a new dentist. I would not trust him now," Alexander added.

"An employee came to our police station to report that she found a camera inside a bathroom at the dentist office," Washington Township Captain Kenneth Kennedy said.

Police investigated and arrested Hofstetter charging him with invasion of privacy.

The 69-year-old Hofstetter has been in business here since 1978. After the employee reported the camera, investigators arrived at the offices, which are connected to Hofstetter's home, conducted a search and arrested him.

"I can't say what kind of camera it was or where it was other than the fact that it was found inside the bathroom," Captain Kennedy explained.

While the signs out front stated the office was open for business Thursday, clearly no one was showing up for any dental work.

Police say their investigation has just begun. Once they're done, the case could be referred to the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office and possibly a grand jury. Hofstetter was given a summons and released by police.