Community reacts to smash and grab robbery in Northeast Philadelphia

"Philly has gone bad."

Shoppers at Macy's in Northeast Philadelphia still shaken over the midday heist that happened right in front of stunned shoppers and clerks.

"People have lost their minds."

Macy's security and staff cleaning up the broken metal and glass in the watch section where three men were in and out in a matter of seconds.

"I walked in and saw all the glass on the floor."

It was about 2:30 when customers heard the loud smash of glass breaking.

Moments later, a trio of gloved and hooded men were seen running out of the store and into a getaway car. But not before getting away with an unknown number of high end watches.

Nicole Petron, a shopper, said, "The girls were telling me they busted the cases and they got robbed"

Police think it's the same crew that busted through the front windows of the Boyd's store in Center City early Tuesday morning when the crooks got away with nearly $50,000 dollars in designer suits and accessories.

Investigators think this stolen silver Mercedes 350 sedan was used as the getaway car in both smash and grabs.

Qadffeyi Muhammad a shopper said, "I just came up here to go shopping.. it's just sad.. I hope they really find those guys who did that"

Meanwhile, in a statement Macy's spokesperson is glad no one got hurt. The company says it's beefing up patrols around this store.

Amin Alhaj from Northeast Philadelphia said, "It's crazy I would never think something like that would happen in the daytime."