Community steps up to help man attacked and robbed

A man is still recovering in the hospital one month after being attacked. He says he was out walking his pup when he was tackled from behind, beaten and robbed.

FOX 29's Dawn Timmeney has the story.

A brief but happy reunion for Adam Markind and his dog Roosevelt outside Einstein Medical Center Thursday. The 45-year-old is recovering after a brutal attack while he was walking his little rescue pup last month in East Germantown.

"This makes my whole day. I can't tell you," he told FOX 29.

Adam says he was tackled from behind on Morton Street between Walnut Lane and Herman Streets around midnight on March 18 while taking Roosevelt out for a potty break after watching a 76ers game.

"I could tell I broke my hip and broke my elbow. I could just feel it," he said.

Adam was robbed of $17 and a cell phone. He was unable to get up and cried out waving to passing cars.

"I was like, 'Please help me, please help me. please help me' and I was in so much pain," he said. "I'm an hour and 15 minutes on the ground and with each car that goes by I start to believe no one is gonna stop."

Finally, someone does stop and Adam is rushed to Einstein where he undergoes emergency surgery.

"It just traumatized me," he said.

Making matters worst, his beloved dog was missing. Longtime friend Jon Carr posted the story on Facebook to try and find Roosevelt and the response was overwhelming.

It turns out Roosevelt ran home--the apartment door was unlocked --and two responding 14th District police made sure the dog got inside and had plenty of food and water. Even after Roosevelt was found many people on Facebook sent love and prayers to Adam.

"I would bring him messages and I got to watch him light up and watch his who spirit turn around," Jon said.

A GoFundMe page set up for medical expenses not covered by insurance and to find him a new safer place to live.

"What has been done for me is given me hope," Adam said. "It means the world to me-- it does."

Adam still has a long road to recovery ahead of him. He is hoping to get out of the hospital later this month and will be staying with his good friend Jon who has been taking care of Roosevelt since he was attacked. While disheartened by what happened initially, Adam's faith in people has definitely been restored by the response since.

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