Community supports two daughters after house collapses, killing mother

A New Jersey community is rallying around the surviving daughters of a family whose Hamilton Township home collapsed on Monday, killing their 38-year-old mother.

"It's a very emotional time. It's tough. You take it minute by minute," said Rev. Dr. Joseph Woods of the St. Phillips Baptist Church.

Tika Justice shielded her 16-year-old daughter as the house came crashing down on them. Her 20-year old daughter was buried chest deep in debris as she tried to escape.

The John O. Wilson Neighborhood Center and St. Phillips Baptist Church now serving as drop off locations for donations.

"They have nothing, they have nothing at all so they're looking for anything they can get," said Angelo Hall the former director of the John O. Wilson Neighborhood Center.

The community, realizing these young women have so much to deal with the loss of their mom donated toiletries, shoes, towels and clothing all totaling 10 bags delivered to the girls Thursday morning. All this hoping to ease their burden a bit.

"They need everything from a tooth brush to a house," said Rev. Woods. "They need it immediately."

Pat Axton of Bordentown donated a bag full of brand new items this Thursday afternoon. He said, "It can't get it off my mind. It's such a tragedy."

Axton says she wanted the girls to know people care.

"It just touched my heart," she said, "It really touched my heart."

Community member Irene Dawson also wanted to do her part. She said, "Can't imagine losing a house, your mom, so hard, must be so hard for them."

The donation drive will continue through august 4th at both the church and the neighborhood center, but pastor woods says they will be there for Tiki Justice's daughters for the long haul. He said, "I speak with them regularly. I meet with them often. That does not end when this drive ends. It does not end when service is held. We will be with this family. They are part of us now."

Both the 20-year-old daughter and her 16-year old-sister were injured when the home collapsed. The 16-year-old is still in the hospital.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family. Anyone who would like to contribute can do so by clicking here.

If you would like to help the Justice sisters, please bring clothing and other donations to either St. Phillips Baptist Church (located at 445 Parkinson Avenue, Hamilton, NJ 08610) and John O. Wilson Neighborhood Service Center (located at 169 Wilfred Avenue, Hamilton, NJ 08610). The collection schedule will take place as follows:

Monday - Friday Collections

Requested Clothing Sizes