Concern grows for dolphin stuck in Cape May County creek as officials work to free the mammal

Setting a dolphin free after it found its way into a Cape May County creek has experts devising a plan for the mammal.

The first reporting of the bottlenose dolphin stuck came last Thursday, officials with the Marine Mammal Stranding Center stated on social media.

Volunteers have been sent regularly to monitor the creature and make sure it is hanging in while officials work on a plan to set it free.

MMSC officials set out in two boats Saturday to encourage the dolphin to move out, but it did not heed the call and remained in its place in the creek.

The MMSC got additional equipment to help free the dolphin from out-of-state Stranding partners.

MMSC officials are making plans for a rescue effort sometime by the end of the week, though they are not releasing specifics, to keep the dolphin as safe as it can be.

They emphasize dolphins are federally protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. They urge bystanders and curious onlookers to move on to decrease any undue stress to the mammal.