Concerns at local fairs after tragedy at Ohio State Fair

The Ohio State Fair opened Thursday one day after a man was killed and seven other people were injured when a thrill ride broke apart, but the rides won't be running until they all are deemed safe, officials state.

"I thought it was just terrible," said 15-year-old Evan Lechowicz. He came out to enjoy the Dublin Fireman's Fair in Bucks County with his family and friends but in the forefront of his mind is the deadly accident that happened yesterday at a carnival in Ohio.

"I felt sorry for all those kids who were in the accident though," he said. Cellphone video recorded by someone one opening day of the Ohio State Fair captured the heart stopping accident as a ride called the Fireball whirled in the air. Part of it broke off.

18-year-old Poolee Tyler Jarrell was killed. Nearly a dozen others were hurt. Some of them are in critical condition. Officials say the Fireball ride had passed a safety inspection. Cheryl Roche says what happened there makes her think about the quality of the inspections at all carnivals and how often they're being done.

"Just standing here and seeing some of these rides go I was commenting on that they're loud, they're creaking and you just wonder how safe they are," said Roche. Still many families flocked to the Dublin Fair despite concerns.

"I just was concerned that there might be some rides here that were similar but there aren't so we're pretty good," said Trish McCalley. She brought her granddaughter Teagan and friend Kimmy to the fair which the Dublin Volunteer Fire Department says is its primary source of income to operate every year.

"I was like oh is that going to happen to me? Probably not because it doesn't happen that often so I thought I should still go because it's fun," said 11-year old Teagan.

In light of what happened Pennsylvania's Agriculture Secretary said today they immediately ordered rides similar to the one in question in Ohio to suspend operations here until there is a better understanding of what happened there and to ensure rides are safe.