Confrontation at a Florida Dunkin Donuts triggered by a Donald Trump hat

It's a sign of what this polarizing election is doing to people--

A confrontation at a Dunkin Donuts that was triggered by a Donald Trump hat.

Three people were involved in the fight and it started at this Dunkin Donuts right here. They eventually got kicked out and that confrontation spilled into the parking lot.

"I seen this old guy in front of us he has the make America great again camo hat and I said dude I love your hat."

Robert Christenson says what began as a friendly compliment to a fellow Trump supporter in line at a Spring Hill Dunkin Donuts quickly turned into an unexpected argument.

"And then this guy behind my wife starts yelling yeah if you're racist. It's a great hat if you're a racist. Oh you support racism."

Christenson and Hernando deputies say the confrontation got so heated--Christenson, his wife and the other man Ioannis Popadopoulos were kicked out of the store.

Surveillance video shows the fight continuing outside.

You can see Popadopoulos' scion pull into a repair shop across the street.

He's followed by Christenson's wife--who eventually gets out to continue the argument.

Christenson is eventually seen running across the street, following the scion.

That's when deputies say Christenson kicked the car.

We can't see that moment on video and Christenson denies it...

Did you intentionally kick his car? "No."

But according to deputies--two workers inside the Dunkin Donuts say they saw Christenson kick the car.

It's why deputies arrested and charged him with criminal mischief.

Christenson says Popadopoulos threatened his wife and tried hitting her with his car.

Deputies didn't believe that and Popadopoulos wasn't charged.

Knowing that this led to something physical would you be worried about wearing let's say a hat like that? "Oh no never. I stand by my support for Donald Trump to the end."

We tried to reach Popadopoulos at his home but he wasn't there. As for Christenson, his charges could carry a sentence of up to one year in jail.