Contaminated water meeting held for Hatboro, Horsham and Warrington residents

Horsham, Pa. (WTXF) Residents of Horsham, Hatboro and Warrington Townships packed the auditorium of Hatboro-Horsham High School Monday evening. They're desperate for answers about a problem with contaminated water that's plagued their communities for years.

"Right now I'm drinking bottled water. I'm giving my dogs bottled water I'm so scared," said Mary Ellen Heagy. She's one of many people who submitted written questions for officials.

"Are you getting rid of all the private wells because my parents built the house way back so I don't know if it's good or it's not. The other question is if we're all going to be blood tested?" said Heagy.

The panel discussion was organized by Representatives Brendan Boyle, Pat Meehan and Michael Fitzpatrick.

"We know a little bit more about testing and some results. We also just want to be communicating with the people," said U.S. Representative Meehan.

U.S. Representative Boyle said, "We have the EPA here tonight, the CDC, the Pennsylvania Department of Health so that way they can answer specifically what exactly the long term implications are of drinking or in some way consuming these contaminants."

Catherine Joyce is concerned because she says her neighborhood wasn't included on a handout that shows cases of cancer in the area.

"I've had cancer, my mother's had cancer and many of the other things they've mentioned that are problems with high cholesterol, thyroid problems and a lot of auto immune diseases," she said.

Officials say the water issue stems from the former Naval Air Station Willow Grove and the Naval Air Warfare Center in Warminster.

"I believe a huge class action lawsuit against the Navy is the only way that we're going to get them to clean their base and our community up," said one man who has lived in Horsham for 41 years.

Officials say the township hired an outside contractor to test tap water In more than 100 homes in the area. The results are expected back in 4 to 8 weeks and will be made public.