Cops: Heavily Tattooed Man Attacked Pregnant Girlfriend After Questioning If Baby Was His

(INSIDE EDITION) His temper is allegedly even scarier than his face.

A Texas man has been indicted for beating his pregnant girlfriend because he believed her unborn child may not be his, kicking and punching the woman before threatening her with a knife, officials said.

Jacob Pauda, 30, was allegedly high on cocaine early Feb. 8 when he accused his girlfriend of cheating on him and questioned if the baby was his, according to an arrest report filed by the City of Lubbock Police Department.

"Have you been doing drugs?" his unnamed girlfriend told police she asked him after Pauda "took off his shirt and was walking around… acting awkward."

The man--whose entire face is covered with a tattoo of what appears to be a skull--initially denied taking drugs, but then allegedly confessed to doing "two bumps earlier," saying: "Yeah a little bit," according to the police report.

After accusing her of cheating him, Pauda allegedly attacked his girlfriend as she lay on their bed, punching her repeatedly in the face, police said.

"Jacob, please leave me alone," the woman reportedly said, trying to scratch at Pauda to stop the attack.

But the girlfriend said Pauda threatened her, saying "don't try and scratch me or it will be worse for you."

After he stopped punching the woman, Pauda went to the kitchen and grabbed a large butcher knife and went after her, chasing her around the bed, the report said.

Pauda dropped the knife and lunged at the woman, grabbing her by her hair and throwing her down on the ground before kicking her in the face, she told police.

The girlfriend said that as she called her mother and Pauda's mother for help, he attacked her again, slamming her head into metal furniture about five times before demanding she leave.

When she refused, Pauda grabbed his two sons from their rooms and left the house, the report said.

The woman was taken to a local hospital to be treated for her injuries, officials said.

Pauda was arrested days later and was indicted on Wednesday.

Pauda faces charges including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, deadly conduct and theft for the alleged Feb. 8 attack.

He has not yet issued a plea and is due back in court on April 27, officials said. has reached out to his attorney for comment.

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