Cops: Man Strikes Nephew, 5, Knocks Him Into a Wall For Playing With His Pokemon Cards

(INSIDE EDITION) A Maryland man was arrested after he allegedly attacked his young nephew for playing with the adult's Pokemon card collection, officials said.

Kyle Burford, 29, was allegedly "upset" to find his five-year-old nephew playing with his prized collection of Pokemon cards on December 22, the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office said.

Police say Burford punched the child in the stomach, hiting the boy so hard he was knocked off his feet and into a wall.

Officers reported that they did not see any red marks or bruising on the boy, who refused medical attention.

Burford was charged with second-degree child abuse and second-degree assault.

He was initially held on $20,000 bond, but a District Court Judge released him the next day on Personal Recognizance, officials said.

It was not clear if he had issued a plea or if he had an attorney.

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