COPY-Angel Flight West transporting people with life threatening injuries

Some kids are getting an experience of a lifetime, and they're all getting it for free.

"Angel Flight West" is a non-profit organization that offers flights to people with life-threatening illnesses for free.

10-year-old Gloria Gallarzo and 14-year-old Rico Felix are participating in their fourth flight, and this one is for fun. They're headed to a camp in California for medically fragile kids.

"She's too sick to drive that distance, so if not for Angel Flight West, and their generosity, she wouldn't be able to participate at all," said Christina Gallarzo.

"It's really exciting and fun and entertaining, and you get a break from fighting with your sister," said Gloria Gallarzo.

Rico and his father are excited to spend some alone time together.

"This is my fourth time going, and it's really fun and educational, and get to know more about my father," said Rico Felix.

Dennis Phelan is the pilot who is bearing the entire cost of the flight.

"It's just the most rewarding thing that I'm able to do," said Dennis Phelan.

Angel Flight West has been providing flights for 33 years.

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